Araunah Men's Golf

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July 2014

A combination of holidays, family commitments and a tremendous thunder storm at 6am meant that the two Johns (Pettit & Rogers) had the course to themselves.

Both players, playing off the same handicap, have long been used to negotiating the lake on the 9th hole. So imagine their horror to find that as the course is remodelled (due to the building of holiday lodges) that the first tee shot also crosses the corner of the lake. This did not prove to be a problem as both played a steady 1st hole. John P then, in order to avoid damaging the wet fairways, insisted on playing the next two holes along the left rough allowing John R to open up a small lead.

Over the next few holes John R repeatedly arrived at the green in fewest shots only to have several putts roll around the rim rather than dropping into the hole, ensuring honours were shared. From the 6th hole things started to get a bit more interesting. John P tied the hole with a putt that hit the back of the cup so hard it almost rebounded back towards him.

At the 7th John R suffered a melt-down handing the lead to John P, who in a sporting gesture engineered his own melt-down at the 8th, leaving the scores all-square at the 9th tee! John R started confidently, with a 25 yd drive into the trees on the right of the fairway. John P choosing to lay-up before the lake. With hindsight, the rough some 50 yards from the tee was probably not the best place to lay up for a lake 150 yards away! Both players made good recoveries reaching the green still level.

Throughout John P had the edge when it came to putting. John R holed out, leaving John P with a 4 foot putt to square the match. John P’s putt was firmly struck and heading for the hole. Unfortunately it only travelled 3 feet 11½ inches handing the victory by one shot to John R.

Most Recent Round Scores

July 2014

John R returns to England with a close fought win to get his hands on the trophy. Joining a large group now with 9 wins.

  • John Pettit – Gross 52 - Net 40
  • John Rogers – Gross 51 - Net 39


May 2014

Current Leaderboard...

  • John Pettit – 17 wins
  • Keith Earles – 17 wins
  • Phil Worrall – 14 wins
  • Nick Thomas – 9 wins
  • Gary Holmes – 9 wins
  • Kev Collyer – 9 wins
  • John Rogers – 9 wins
  • Robin Bartlett – 6 wins
  • Kevin Pettit – 3 wins
  • Justin Fisher – 3 wins
  • Clive Hill – 1 win

Current Handicaps

The handicaps here are 75% of each players 9 hole total. These are the actual values to be used each month at High Lodge. They are meaningless for any other course as 1 shot is deducted for every win a player has had in the last 12 rounds. These were last updated after the May 2014 round.

  • Kev Collyer – 12
  • Keith Earles – 9
  • Justin Fisher – 16
  • Gary Holmes – 13
  • John Pettit – 12
  • John Rogers – 11
  • Phil Worrall – 7
  • Nick Thomas – 17
  • Kevin Pettit – 15
  • Clive Hill – 17
  • Robin Bartlett – 16
  • Richard Booth – 18