All Talks 2014 The book of Malachi

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Sermon / Talk

28/12/14Pastor Derek Johnston38:15


Matthew 2:1-12
Proverbs Talk

28/12/14Doug Eamer29:56

Living Wisely In God's World 1: The Steps Of A Good Man

Proverbs 16:1-9
Sermon / Talk

25/12/14Pastor Derek Johnston20:05

Christmas Day Message

Matthew 2:1-8
Sermon / Talk

21/12/14John Rogers11:54

Good News

Luke 2:1-20
Sermon / Talk

21/12/14Pastor Derek Johnston24:48

The Joy Of Peace

Luke 2:14
Advent - Songs Of Joy - Talk

14/12/14Pastor Derek Johnston33:12

Songs Of Joy 3: The Joy Of The Redeemed

Luke 1:68-79
Sermon / Talk

14/12/14John Rogers27:22

G Is For ......

Psalms 65
Advent - Songs Of Joy - Talk

07/12/14Pastor Derek Johnston34:32

Songs Of Joy 2: The Joyful Song Of The Nobody

Luke 1:46-55
Sermon / Talk

07/12/14Doug Eamer27:18

Mighty Warrior

Judges 6:11-24
Advent - Songs Of Joy - Talk

30/11/14Doug Eamer27:21

Songs Of Joy 1: Rejoicing In Salvation

Isaiah 12:1-6
Sermon / Talk

30/11/14John Rogers35:35

Believing Is Seeing 45: Can You Trust Jesus?

John 14:1-24
Acts Talk

23/11/14Pastor Derek Johnston39:04

Inspiring Mission 25: Lessons From The Apollos Mission

Acts 18:23-28
Sermon / Talk

23/11/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:29

Believing Is Seeing 44: A New Command

John 13:31-38
Sermon / Talk

16/11/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:06

The Encouragement Of The Persecuted Church

2 Thessalonians 1:3-12
Sermon / Talk

16/11/14Pastor Derek Johnston30:35

Believing Is Seeing 43: Betrayal

John 13:18-30
Acts Talk

09/11/14Pastor Derek Johnston34:55

Inspiring Mission 24: The Life-Travellers Attitude That Is Pleasing To God

Acts 18:18-22
Sermon / Talk

09/11/14Doug Eamer29:03

Believing Is Seeing 42: Loving Without Limits

John 13:1-17
Acts Talk

02/11/14Pastor Derek Johnston33:17

Inspiring Mission 23: When Fear Threatens To Blow Us Off Course

Acts 18:7-17
Sermon / Talk

02/11/14Pastor Derek Johnston33:08

Believing Is Seeing 41: Have We Seen His Glory?

John 12:37-50
Acts Talk

26/10/14Pastor Derek Johnston27:48

Inspiring Mission 22: The Mission Of The Church

Acts 18:1-8
Sermon / Talk

26/10/14Doug Eamer36:21

Believing Is Seeing 40: The Hour Has Come!

John 12:20-36
Sermon / Talk

19/10/14Pastor Derek Johnston26:02

The New Life In Christ

Romans 6:1-14
Sermon / Talk

19/10/14Pastor Derek Johnston37:10

Believing Is Seeing 39: The Coming King

John 12:12-19
Sermon / Talk

12/10/14Rob Parkes (WEC)32:21

You Can Make A World Of Difference

John 6:1-24
Sermon / Talk

12/10/14Pastor Derek Johnston35:30

Believing Is Seeing 38: Honouring Jesus

John 12:1-11
Sermon / Talk

05/10/14Ray Motsi21:14

What Is The Basis Of Your Confidence In Christ?

Philippians 1:1-19
Sermon / Talk

05/10/14Ray Motsi33:47

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Psalms 23
Sermon / Talk

28/09/14John Rogers16:18

The Parable Of The Sower

Matthew 13:1-13
Sermon / Talk

28/09/14Pastor Derek Johnston39:30

Believing Is Seeing 37: How Should We Understand The Death Of Jesus?

John 11:45-57
Sermon / Talk

21/09/14John Rogers27:06

Are You Listening?

1 Corinthians 15:1-12
Sermon / Talk

21/09/14Doug Eamer30:39

Who Cares?

Luke 10:25-37
Sermon / Talk

14/09/14Pastor Derek Johnston35:21

Godly Parenting

Ephesians 6:1-4
Sermon / Talk

14/09/14Pastor Derek Johnston26:17

Secret Sin

Joshua 7
Prayer Talk

07/09/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:29

Prayer 3: The Wrestling Match

Colossians 4:12-13
Prayer Talk

07/09/14Ray Dorling24:20

Prayer 4: Never Give Up

Genesis 32:22-29 and Luke 11:5-10
Prayer Talk

31/08/14Pastor Derek Johnston32:49

Prayer 1: Spiritual Dynamite

Matthew 21:18-22
Prayer Talk

31/08/14Pastor Derek Johnston32:51

Prayer 2: Removing The Obstacles

Psalms 66:17-20
Summer Series 2014 Talk

24/08/14John Rogers24:28

Summer Series - The Big Questions 5: Can You Believe In Science & God?

Genesis 1
Summer Series 2014 Talk

17/08/14Pastor Derek Johnston32:49

Summer Series - The Big Questions 4: Why Is There Suffering In The World?

Job 3
Ruth Talk

17/08/14Pastor Derek Johnston33:14

Redemption 4: Redemption Has Come

Ruth 4
Summer Series 2014 Talk

10/08/14Doug Eamer30:43

Summer Series - The Big Questions 3: Are All Religions The Same? – The Uniqueness Of Christianity

Philippians 2:1-11
Ruth Talk

10/08/14Nick Thomas33:41

Redemption 3: Boaz: A Man To Follow

Ruth 3
Summer Series 2014 Talk

03/08/14Ray Dorling26:15

Summer Series - The Big Questions 2: Can We Trust The Bible, God’s Word?

Acts 8:26-40
Ruth Talk

03/08/14Nick Thomas31:22

Redemption 2: How To Be Rich

Ruth 2
Summer Series 2014 Talk

27/07/14Pastor Derek Johnston32:24

Summer Series - The Big Questions 1: Why Do We Live?

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 and Matthew 25:14-30
Ruth Talk

27/07/14Pastor Derek Johnston30:28

Redemption 1: When Our Pleasant Lives Become Bitter

Ruth 1:1-22
Acts Talk

20/07/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:49

Inspiring Mission 21: A Noble Character

Acts 17:10-15
Holy Living - Youth Series Talk

20/07/14Pastor Derek Johnston33:08

Youth Series - Holy Living: Work

Colossians 3:22-25
Acts Talk

13/07/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:47

Inspiring Mission 20: The Unknown God

Acts 17:16-34
Thessalonians 1 Talk

13/07/14Ray Dorling29:41

Waiting For The Return Of Jesus 7: It May Look Good On Paper, But In Reality Is Nigh Impossible... However

1 Thessalonians 5:12-28
Sermon / Talk

06/07/14Pastor Derek Johnston17:24

A Celebration Of Marriage

Ephesians 5:22-33
Thessalonians 1 Talk

06/07/14Pastor Derek Johnston27:09

Waiting For The Return Of Jesus 6: The Return Of The King

1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
Acts Talk

29/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston27:03

Inspiring Mission 19: Jesus

Acts 17:1-10
Thessalonians 1 Talk

29/06/14Doug Eamer26:30

Waiting For The Return Of Jesus 5: The Return Of Christ

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Acts Talk

22/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston30:04

Inspiring Mission 18: The Pursuit Of Justice

Acts 16:35-40
Thessalonians 1 Talk

22/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:27

Waiting For The Return Of Jesus 4: Living To Please God

1 Thessalonians 4:1-12
Acts Talk

15/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:18

Inspiring Mission 17: What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Acts 16:25-34
Thessalonians 1 Talk

15/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston32:40

Waiting For The Return Of Jesus 3: The Value Of Fellowship

1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13
Acts Talk

08/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston30:20

Inspiring Mission 16: Lessons From The Deliverance Of A Slave Girl

Acts 16:16-24
Holy Living - Youth Series Talk

08/06/14Ray Dorling22:27

Youth Series - Holy Living: Jesus, Friend Or Ipad God

John 15:9-15
Acts Talk

01/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston30:27

Inspiring Mission 15: Lydia – A True Worshipper Of God

Acts 16:11-15
Thessalonians 1 Talk

01/06/14Doug Eamer38:10

Waiting For The Return Of Jesus 2: Effective Ministry

1 Thessalonians 2:1-16
Acts Talk

25/05/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:38

Inspiring Mission 14: Being Led By The Holy Spirit

Acts 16:6-10
Thessalonians 1 Talk

25/05/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:03

Waiting For The Return Of Jesus 1: The Real Deal

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Guest Speakers Talk

18/05/14Peter Newton26:23

Commissioned By The Risen Christ

John 21
Guest Speakers Talk

18/05/14Peter Newton31:58

When Words Hurt

Psalms 31
Acts Talk

11/05/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:54

Inspiring Mission 13: Good Gospel Work Practice

Acts 16:1-5
Holy Living - Youth Series Talk

11/05/14Phil Worrall35:53

Youth Series - Holy Living: On Fire For Jesus

Luke 12:49-59
Acts Talk

04/05/14Pastor Derek Johnston34:18

Inspiring Mission 12: The Quarrel

Acts 15:36-41
Sermon / Talk

04/05/14John Rogers31:23

Therefore We Will Not Fear...

Psalms 46
Acts Talk

27/04/14Pastor Derek Johnston35:16

Inspiring Mission 11: The Council Of Jerusalem: Affirmation And Encouragement

Acts 15:22-35
Sermon / Talk

27/04/14Maurice Keatley39:09

Stranger On The Shore

John 21:1-14
Sermon / Talk

20/04/14Pastor Derek Johnston39:25

The 3R’s Of The Christian’s Hope

Various Readings
Sermon / Talk

20/04/14Pastor Derek Johnston35:41

Jesus Was Raised For Our Justification

Various Readings
Sermon / Talk

18/04/14Pastor Derek Johnston28:26

He Was Delivered Over To Death For Our Sins And Was Raised To Life For Our Justification

Romans 4:25 and Matthew 27
Acts Talk

13/04/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:50

Inspiring Mission 10: The Council Of Jerusalem: Salvation And Grace

Acts 15:5-21
Holy Living - Youth Series Talk

13/04/14Ray Dorling17:49

Youth Series - Holy Living: Mirror, Mirror …

James 1:22-25
Acts Talk

06/04/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:46

Inspiring Mission 9: The Council Of Jerusalem: The Problem

Acts 15:1-4
Sermon / Talk

06/04/14John Rogers29:23

Sat-Nav Or Bible?

Genesis 11
Acts Talk

30/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston30:36

Inspiring Mission 8: Whose Responsibility Is It To Tell Others About Jesus?

Acts 14:24-28
Haggai Talk

30/03/14John Rogers31:44

Building God's Church 4: Certainty Of Building God's Church

Haggai 2:20-23
Acts Talk

23/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston37:34

Inspiring Mission 7: Seven Pointers In Building Up The Church

Acts 14:21-25
Haggai Talk

23/03/14John Rogers30:10

Building God's Church 3: Holy People Build God's Church

Haggai 2:10-19
Acts Talk

16/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston32:27

Inspiring Mission 6: The God Who Has Come Down To Save Us

Acts 14:8-20
Haggai Talk

16/03/14John Rogers26:32

Building God's Church 2: Continue Building God's Church

Haggai 2:1-9
Acts Talk

09/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston37:53

Inspiring Mission 5: 3 Key Components For Successful Mission

Acts 14:1-7
Holy Living - Youth Series Talk

09/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:30

Youth Series - Holy Living: Dilemmas, Tough Decisions And Guidance

Isaiah 48:12-22
Acts Talk

02/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston35:33

Inspiring Mission 4: Continue In The Grace Of God

Acts 13:42-52
Haggai Talk

02/03/14John Rogers26:55

Building God's Church 1: Building God's Church

Haggai 1
John's Gospel Talk

23/02/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:36

Believing Is Seeing 36: An Appetiser Of Glory

John 11:38-44
Acts Talk

16/02/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:17

Inspiring Mission 3: The Message Of Encouragement

Acts 13:13-41
John's Gospel Talk

16/02/14John Rogers29:49

Believing Is Seeing 35: Growing As Witnesses For Christ

John 9
Acts Talk

09/02/14Pastor Derek Johnston34:44

Inspiring Mission 2: Paul's Postcard From Cyprus

Acts 13:4-12
Holy Living - Youth Series Talk

09/02/14Phil Worrall38:11

Youth Series - Holy Living: The Power Behind John

Matthew 3:1-11
Acts Talk

02/02/14Pastor Derek Johnston37:34

Inspiring Mission 1: Paul And Barnabas Begin Mission

Acts 13:1-3
John's Gospel Talk

02/02/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:12

Believing Is Seeing 34: Grief And Grace: The Comfort Of Jesus In The Midst Of Loss

John 11:17-37
Sermon / Talk

26/01/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:42

The Blessing Of Active Faith Sharing

Philemon 4-7
John's Gospel Talk

26/01/14Doug Eamer29:18

Believing Is Seeing 33: For God's Glory

John 11:1-16
Matthew Talk

19/01/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:55

Authentic Christianity 28: Be Confident In Our Message

Matthew 7:28-29
Guest Speakers Talk

19/01/14Gordon Secker14:06

The One True God

Acts 17:16-34
Matthew Talk

12/01/14Pastor Derek Johnston37:28

Authentic Christianity 27: The Wise And Foolish Builders

Matthew 7:24-27
Holy Living - Youth Series Talk

12/01/14Pastor Derek Johnston18:50

Youth Series - Holy Living 3: Technology And God

James 3:2-12
Matthew Talk

05/01/14John Rogers37:39

Authentic Christianity 26: Which Way?

Matthew 7:13-23
John's Gospel Talk

05/01/14Ray Dorling31:46

Believing Is Seeing 32: Safe And Secure

John 10:22-42