Acts - Inspiring Mission The book of Acts

Talk Details, Date, Speaker & Time

23/11/14Pastor Derek Johnston39:04

Inspiring Mission 25: Lessons From The Apollos Mission

Acts 18:23-28

09/11/14Pastor Derek Johnston34:55

Inspiring Mission 24: The Life-Travellers Attitude That Is Pleasing To God

Acts 18:18-22

02/11/14Pastor Derek Johnston33:17

Inspiring Mission 23: When Fear Threatens To Blow Us Off Course

Acts 18:7-17

26/10/14Pastor Derek Johnston27:48

Inspiring Mission 22: The Mission Of The Church

Acts 18:1-8

20/07/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:49

Inspiring Mission 21: A Noble Character

Acts 17:10-15

13/07/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:47

Inspiring Mission 20: The Unknown God

Acts 17:16-34

29/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston27:03

Inspiring Mission 19: Jesus

Acts 17:1-10

22/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston30:04

Inspiring Mission 18: The Pursuit Of Justice

Acts 16:35-40

15/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:18

Inspiring Mission 17: What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Acts 16:25-34

08/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston30:20

Inspiring Mission 16: Lessons From The Deliverance Of A Slave Girl

Acts 16:16-24

01/06/14Pastor Derek Johnston30:27

Inspiring Mission 15: Lydia – A True Worshipper Of God

Acts 16:11-15

25/05/14Pastor Derek Johnston31:38

Inspiring Mission 14: Being Led By The Holy Spirit

Acts 16:6-10

11/05/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:54

Inspiring Mission 13: Good Gospel Work Practice

Acts 16:1-5

04/05/14Pastor Derek Johnston34:18

Inspiring Mission 12: The Quarrel

Acts 15:36-41

27/04/14Pastor Derek Johnston35:16

Inspiring Mission 11: The Council Of Jerusalem: Affirmation And Encouragement

Acts 15:22-35

13/04/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:50

Inspiring Mission 10: The Council Of Jerusalem: Salvation And Grace

Acts 15:5-21

06/04/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:46

Inspiring Mission 9: The Council Of Jerusalem: The Problem

Acts 15:1-4

30/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston30:36

Inspiring Mission 8: Whose Responsibility Is It To Tell Others About Jesus?

Acts 14:24-28

23/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston37:34

Inspiring Mission 7: Seven Pointers In Building Up The Church

Acts 14:21-25

16/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston32:27

Inspiring Mission 6: The God Who Has Come Down To Save Us

Acts 14:8-20

09/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston37:53

Inspiring Mission 5: 3 Key Components For Successful Mission

Acts 14:1-7

02/03/14Pastor Derek Johnston35:33

Inspiring Mission 4: Continue In The Grace Of God

Acts 13:42-52

16/02/14Pastor Derek Johnston36:17

Inspiring Mission 3: The Message Of Encouragement

Acts 13:13-41

09/02/14Pastor Derek Johnston34:44

Inspiring Mission 2: Paul's Postcard From Cyprus

Acts 13:4-12

02/02/14Pastor Derek Johnston37:34

Inspiring Mission 1: Paul And Barnabas Begin Mission

Acts 13:1-3