We are now approaching the last leg of our building work at Beccles Baptist Church.  A large amount of the work has now been completed.  God-willing we will have completed the work in 6 weeks' time.  Below is an updated version of all that’s been completed so far and what we are hoping to complete in the next few weeks.  

What’s been done so far?

Lots has now been done in improving our premises.  The tasks completed include:

  • Removal of pulpit and organ
  • Levelling of plinths above the baptistery and on which the organ stood
  • Cabling installed under the floor
  • Carpet and chairs ordered
  • Damp-proofing survey completed
  • Decorating contract agreed
  • Finding a buyer for our current chairs
  • Damp-proofing
  • Plastering 
  • New lighting in the foyer.

We praise God for the progress that’s been made and for the team of people who have worked hard to bring all of this about.  These include: Paul Spill, Ian Newton, Lynton Cooper, Kevin Collyer, Peter and Sue Fabian and Michael Collyer.

What’s still to do?

There is still a good amount to be done before the building project is completed, this includes:

  • Decoration
  • Re-carpeting
  • Installation of new screens
  • Installation of new chairs

We hope and pray that the final aspects of the project will have been completed by mid-July. We look forward to this work being completed and to the additional capacity we will enjoy.  

Please continue to pray for the progress of the building project, that it will continue on time and on budget.  And please pray that God will continue to bless and help the team from church involved in the project.  Above all, please continue to pray that God will bring new people to join us at Beccles Baptist Church to fill the additional seating that this project will create.