How can we show and share Christ’s wisdom and love with the people that God has placed us amongst—in our families, neighbourhoods, workplace, at the school gate or the shops? We can often be at a loss knowing where to start.  That’s why we are going to do a course called Fruitfulness on the Frontline at Home Group Central in the summer term.

This course will help us discover a variety of ways in which God can work in and through us, enabling us to be his ambassadors in the places and among the people where he has placed us.

Each session will begin with tea and coffee, feature a talk on video and Bible study in groups. We’re going to host the evening groups in the church building each week, so we can enjoy learning all together.

Daytime group 10:30am at the church building 

Evening groups 7:30pm at the chruch building 

Thursday 2 May (1) Introduction & Overview
Thursday 9 May (2) Modelling Godly Character 
Thursday 16 May (3) Making Good Work
Thursday 23 May (4) Ministering Grace & Love 
Thursday 30 May Prayer Meeting
Thursday 6 June Prayer Meeting
Thursday 13 June (5) Moulding Culture
Thursday 20 June (6) Mouthpiece for Truth & Justice 
Thursday 27 June (7) Messenger of the Gospel